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Cone bit The first priority

As a kind of drilling bit rock formation has been widely used, significantly improved bit function of direct reduce drilling cost, especially in nearly a decade to improve the fastest. Use life and drilling rate can target two properties, their effects on final bit drilling capital levels.

Progress bit rate of penetration and the use of the useful way of life is to reduce drilling cost and have material proved that the drilling rate improved than the bit life improvement to reduce the effects of drilling cost is bigger, it bit cutting structure improvement is the most direct way to progress the bit rate of penetration. Since a long time, people to the improvement of cutting structure first focus on the main cutting tooth structure, such as tungsten carbide tooth structure aspect, people has created a wedge, shovel teeth, such as partial teaspoons of tooth, tooth wear, and so on. The coming ten years, people gradually view to gauge structure also has large influence on the bit rate of penetration and life, especially in the high Angle Wells and well use bit of gauge with reasonable structure, many new gauge structure were seminars to develop and use to the cone bit superior results are obtained.